Our terms and conditions for all our outdoor landscaping and construction services
 Permits (if applicable) are the responsibility of the customer.
Underground services plan (if applicable) is to be provided to us by the customer before any commencement of works to help prevent any damage to them.  

Any damage to property/grounds/services/etc caused by us, which was mentioned to the customer to may be an issue during constructions/works, is no responsibility or liability of ours, but of the customers.
Excess waste, if wasn't visible at time of quotation, found whilst excavating/levelling the areas to be prepared, removal and disposal of will be charged in addition to the quote.   
Other works, removal/disposal of waste, etc that isn't quoted within the quote and is needing to be done will need to be quoted and the quote to be adjusted to reflect respectively.

Any delays during construction/works which is caused by the customer and/or related parties (other tradies, etc.),will incur an additional charge of $1,100 inclusive of GST per day.   

Further to that, where applicable when payments are delayed, works will stop until payment is made as per the payment installment within the quote and you'll be charged at $1,100 inclusive of GST per day the payment is delayed.

Quotes are strictly valid for 14 days from the date on the quote, anything over the 14 days, the quote will need to be reassessed and re-quoted.    
Quotes are only to be amended twice without incurring any fees, any further amendments to the quote will incur a $110 inclusive of GST charge.   
All works remain the property of David The Landscaper until full payment of the works are made.   
Any delay in payment will incur a 48% p.a. charge on top of the amount owing.
Debt collector and/or litigation fees and charges will also be added on top of the amount owing, if it proceeds to a debt collection agency and/or goes through litigation.

On acceptance of the quote you agree to the above terms and conditions and the following payment instalments:

                     On acceptance of the quote you agree to the payment instalments as per the quote.